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i want to live in a world of Peace

without conflict,like the one i've seen in mY dreams

the unwritten title

hola!,guten tag, or hello. :)
i'm nichole & [i'm] sixteen. * ‹3
living life to its fullest. :)
oh i'm a believer. :D no not in 2012.
in God, silly.[believers never die] (:
i'm a band geek and color guard
is muh thing, along with clubs. * =]
german club to be exact. →27* +
i use my headphones to ?\
drown out my mind, with :)
artist like taking back sunday,
relient k,b2st,fall out boy, big bang, ♥
g-dragon[futurehusband],deathcab4cutie, cherryblossom,* she & him,regina spektor +more. =] my friends are [almost] famous. [‹\3]